Why China’s Looting of America Is Deadly Serious

Beijing’s strategy to buy, cheat and steal its way to global dominance is working.
China loots as much as a half trillion dollars’ worth of intellectual property from the United States each year. Everything from military secrets to medical breakthroughs.

Some of the Chinese copycats are funny, like a Chinese brand that stole the Under Armor logo and calls itself ‘Uncle Martian.’

But some, like China’s rip-off of America’s state of the art F-22 raptor, the J-20, are deadly serious, and it’s why China is closing the gap in the technology race.

A 2019 survey found that 1 in 5 North American based companies had had their intellectual property stolen by China within the last year.

US Attorney General Bill Barr told Fox News that Chinese espionage and intellectual property theft has become a “fundamental challenge” to the United States.

“What’s at stake is whether we can continue to be the technological leader of the world,” Barr said.

And the Justice Department has begun a crack down on Chinese intelligence gathering and intellectual property theft.

A top Harvard University professor was indicted 2 weeks ago for lying about his ties to China’s “Thousand Talents Plan,” a program that pays America’s best and brightest minds to work for China.

Dr. Robert Farley from the University of Kentucky’s Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce, and a guest lecturer at the US Army War College, says previous American presidents were naïve to think free trade would change China.

“It was a really big bet that outreach to China was going to change China politically. And that part of the bet didn’t pay off,” Farley said. “(The Chinese) are breaking all kinds of (patent) laws that are on the books in the United States, but are also now on the books in China.”

Attorney General Barr says the Chinese looting of America couldn’t happen without the heads of corporate America, “Because they’re willing, ultimately many of them, to sacrifice the long term viability of their companies for short term profit. So they can get their stock options and move into a golf resort.”

And now, after decades of theft, the Chinese military is close to technological parity with the US, at a time when tensions between the two nations are rising.