‘It Has Been Beautiful’: Mobile Church in Kenya Takes Services to the People Amid Virus

A church in Kenya has taken its services on the road, travelling to apartment blocks and performing sermons and music from the street below, allowing people to attend church while being able to maintain social distancing rules brought in to tackle the new coronavirus pandemic.

Kenya’s government has banned all churches from opening their doors in order to prevent further spread of the new virus, but this service has been approved as safe.

The service, nicknamed “B2B” for “balcony to balcony,” takes place every Sunday, led by Reverend Paul Macharia from All Saints’ Cathedral in Kiambu County.

“It has been beautiful – children coming together, worshiping God, praising Him, and of course that has not happened unless and until all the members of that neighbourhood have agreed and actually accepted to invite us over,” says Reverend Machira, nicknamed ‘Uncle Sam’ by local children.

“So on Sundays whenever we see the van come in, we see Uncle Sam (the nickname for Reverend Machira) coming in, and with his overalls and removing the piano and the sets, my daughter just stands through the balcony window looking at it and waiting” says Wanjiru Mbiriri.

The service uses amplifiers and loudspeakers from the street below, and appears popular among residents, with large turnouts of families on their balconies.

Kenya has confirmed 1,029 infections of the new virus, with 50 deaths.