CBN’s Operation Blessing Provides Medical Training to Residents in Central America

CBN’s Operation Blessing is helping people get health care in Central America.

The municipality of Comasagua in El Salvador is very remote, and its residents have limited access to health care centers- so it can be hard to get even basic medical care.

That means even simple injuries and illnesses can turn into something much worse.

Operation Blessing held a health training seminar in the city, so people could learn how to care for their own community – including first aid, CPR, preventive care and more.

Now, local community health volunteers can help their neighbors stop small health issues from becoming big ones.

Thanks to its partners, Operation Blessing is giving remote communities around the world the tools they need to stay healthy.

Operation Blessing will continue to reach the sick and impoverished through free medical brigades, distributing medicine and medical supplies, providing life-changing surgeries, training and equipping community health workers and distributing wheelchairs to the disabled.

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