CBN’s Operation Blessing Helping Bahamians Recover From After Effects of Hurricane Dorian

Some families in the Bahamas are returning to their homes to see what’s left after Hurricane Dorian’s winds decimated the islands.

CBN’s Operation Blessing is standing with the Bahamians, providing them with basic supplies and helping them with their recovery after the storm.

The global charity aid organization is also helping with basic medical care along with meeting other needs.

Diego Traverso, director of International Disaster Relief for Operation Blessing Mexico, says signs of the devastation are still everywhere.

Operation Blessing workers and volunteers are canvassing areas checking on residents, and their water supply.

Traverso says these hurricane victims are still facing a lot of unknowns.

“The future is uncertain for most of these families,” he said. “They don’t know what’s going to happen to the island. If they are going to be able to rebuild. But Operation Blessing is committing to be here for them. We’re going to be here distributing some food packages, making some community kitchens, distributing more solar lamps, and making water for them. Sanitation is important.”

Traverso says OB teams are doing everything to make sure water supplies are safe. The water team produced chlorine using the stream system, and educated heads of household on how safely use it.

They’re also distributing water along with more than 44,000 pounds of food and other survival supplies for those remaining or returning to the island.

If you would like to help, click here to learn more about Operation Blessing’s work in the Bahamas.