Climate Crazy: Elitist Says It’s Time to Break ‘Conservative’ Taboo, Embrace Cannibalism


In the last few weeks I’ve written about drag queens reading to children at libraries, suggestions that pedophilia is just another way to find sexual release, and that killing a fully formed baby who survives an abortion is an okay idea because he or she is not really a baby.  At times I’ve thought my head would explode with such slams against common sense, decency, and – dare I say it – science.

But now…another of the world’s elites is telling us it’s okay to break another time-honored, civilization-sustaining taboo…eating human flesh. Oh, it’s for a good cause, undoubtedly. The future is bleak, don’t you know? Food will be scarce. And in order to survive the coming cataclysm of climate change, we must be able to break with our “conservative” past.

Let’s not even go there with the arguments against the idea that human beings can cause or stop the climate from changing. That’s not what’s bothering me today. It’s that intelligent, sentient, utterly “progressive” thought leaders have still another taboo they want to torpedo because….well, because they can. And we’re better off breaking with civilization and the idea of the transcendent worth of human beings…for the sake of utilitarian ends, that is, for our own survival. Right?

The Epoch Times reports that such an idea was floated at a conference about the food of the future called the Gastro Summit in Stockholm, Sweden last week.

Magnus Soderlund, a behavioral scientist, marketing strategist, and researcher at the Stockholm School of Economics, said we should break away from what he called “conservative” taboos on eating human flesh.  Yes, he knows it’s tough to think about, but you just start out conservatively, little by little, he says, by just  “tasting” it.

Asked if he would be willing to eat human meat, Soderlund was willing to overcome the ties that have bound civilization for millennia saying, “I feel somewhat hesitant but to not appear overly conservative…I’d have to say….I’d be open to at least tasting it.” Well, let’s not EVER let anyone think we were “overly conservative.” Come on, get on the band wagon. It’s easily done. Get used to the idea.  Isn’t that how all the other taboos have been tossed away and overcome, little by little?

When he asked for a show of hands of how many in the audience would join him in this taboo trashing, Professor Soderlund said 8% showed they were ready to enter this brave new world with him.

According to the London Evening Standard, conference talking points included:

  • Are we humans too selfish to live sustainably?
  • Is Cannibalism the solution to food sustainability in the future?
  • Does Generation Z have the answers to our food challenges?
  • Can consumers be tricked into making the right decisions?

Other food suggestions included eating pets and insects, but cannibalism was the main focus of the seminar. Oh, yes. We know how people today love their pets more than children, even!

What Professor Soderlund failed to mention is that there is a disease that afflicts cannibalistic tribes, one that Western culture has mostly avoided because it vehemently avoided cannibalism. (Darn that Western Civ!!)

According to the Epoch Times, a tribe called the Fore lived in isolation in Papua, New Guinea until the 1930s. As part of a funeral ritual, the Fore believed in eating their dead instead of letting the bodies decay and be consumed by worms. Deceased family members were traditionally cooked and eaten, which was thought to help free the spirit of the dead.

This led to an epidemic of a disease called “kuru,” or “the laughing death,” a neurological disease caused by the eating of human flesh. Its symptoms include shaking, tremors, and loss of coordination and control over muscle movements, and sudden outbursts of laughter. It is incurable and leads to death. Kuru wasn’t caused by a pathogen, but rather, a “twisted protein” that tricks other proteins in the brain to twist like it, and damages the brain’s cerebellum, according to an NPR report.

Researchers have compared it to Dr. Jekyll’s transformation. The Fore stopped practicing cannibalism in the 1960s, but because symptoms can take possibly 15 to 20 years to surface, they believe the last victim of kuru died in 2009.

Hmmm…just in time for so-called advanced societies to take it up.