Stanford Health Care – Valley Care Appoints Richard Shumway as President and CEO

Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare announced on Feb. 21 the appointment of Richard Shumway to the position of president and CEO. A nationally recognized, results-driven health care executive, Shumway has delivered strong outcomes in many areas of hospital system strategy, operations, and management. He will join Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare on May 6.

“Rick’s strengths fall into areas critical to Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare’s future success: health system operations, financial management, physician-hospital alignment, change management, strategic and business planning, network development, quality and value management, and employee and patient experience,” said Stanford Health Care President and CEO David Entwistle. “He has demonstrated outstanding leadership at some of the nation’s top health care organizations and will be an incredible addition to our Stanford Health Care network.”

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