Pies may be filled with meat, poultry, seafood, or vegetables, but when most people think of pie, they probably envision a pastry shell filled with cooked fruit or custard, sometimes with more pastry on top in either a latticework pattern or a solid sheet. That’s the kind of pie most pie shops and pie-making bakeries sell – but who sells the best pie in each state?

Whether you prefer tradition or innovation — or a little of each — America’s best pie shops have got a slice (or a whole pie) for you.

In order to determine the best pie shop in every state, 24/7 Wall St. obtained for each state the five pie shops, bakeries, or pastry shops rated highest on restaurant review website Yelp! We reviewed each state’s set of shops and chose the best candidate based on its pie menu and accolades. In the handful of cases where Yelp! did not return a viable candidate, we consulted reviews and other ratings and used our editorial discretion to make our choice. We excluded shops operating predominantly as restaurants or wholesale businesses, as well as units of large chains.

Click through the gallery above to discover the best pie shop in each state.

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