Landon Donovan and Omar Gonzalez explain why they’re rooting for their rival at the World Cup despite their involvement in the U.S. men’s national team.

Former U.S. men’s national team standout Landon Donovan took to Twitter – again – to explain why he’s supporting Mexico in the World Cup.

Donovan created a bit of a stir when he appeared in an ad for Wells Fargo that debuted Friday that asked U.S. fans – whose national team failed to qualify – to support Team Mexico. Former USMNT captain Carlos Bocanegra was among those who took issue with Donovan’s stance, leading Donovan to snap back and question the treatment of Mexicans in the U.S. 

“To begin, my heart bleeds red, white and blue and no one should ever question my allegiance to and support of US Soccer and all of its national teams,” Donovan wrote in bold letters in a statement posted to his official Twitter account Sunday.

Bocanegra, an MLS team executive who is also on the board of directors for U.S. Soccer, was hardly the only one to take issue with Donovan’s support of Mexico and his response to Bocanegra.

“This is an incredibly terrible take,” Herculez Gomez, a former USMNT teammate of Donovan’s, wrote on Twitter. “Questioning ones loyalties to culture and/or heritage because he questioned you for taking marketing dollars to ‘root’ for your sporting rival?”

Many of the comments on the ad also questioned Donovan’s support for Mexico.

Donovan recently came out of retirement to play in Mexico for Club Leon of Liga MX.

“Since the USMNT sadly is not participating in the 2018 World Cup, I am supportive of our CONCACAF rivals and would like to see them do well,” Donovan wrote Sunday. “If others disagree that is their prerogative. … I believe in supporting each other and building bridges, not barriers.”

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